Night and Day | 밤낮으로 | Day One | Part 1

"Aish..." the thin boy hissed as he succeeded to run under the outer roof of the hairsalon before he became to wet of the hard rain. The Byuntae shook his head to get the wet out of his hair. "Ugh. Why did I even agree to go here?" he said in a low tone to himself.

He had received a bright blue letter with the sign of a sun and a moon on it. Very well-made, and hand written actually. An ornate handwriting had written the words 'Night and Day Academy' carefully. He had been home alone when it came to him, so he had ripped it open and read it. It said that they would pick him up near Gangnam, February the 3rd, 6AM, so he went there. So early.

He knew what kind of school it was. Well of course, since almost all of his family members had gone to that school too. Except his sister. His flawless sister.

Ugh. It would have been so much better if I just stayed at home... or went to Dongwoo again, he thought. But wait... if I go to that school, I'll get to see him, right?

His bag was fully packed with clothes and his personal things that he needed. A toothbrush, pajama, a full set of clothes... and every other thing he could think of. The letter had said that they needed warm and resistant clothes.

He twisted his rings a bit.

Suddenly he saw a bus, but no ordinary bus, coming towards him. It looked like it almost was a bus for a famous soccer team. The glass was tinted black and the entire bus was black, except for the red wheels. Red wheels? Well, that looks weird.

He didn't pay much attention to the bus, until it parked right before him. He looked up again and saw the door being opened. The Byuntae quietly peeked in and saw the driver of the bus stepping up from his seat and walking out of the bus. He was very handsome. He didn't really look completely Korean. He was very tall, almost about 190cm. He had really defined muscles, the Byuntae could see that even though he was wearing a suit.

The driver looked around the place and his eyes focused on the Byuntae. He went a bit forward to the Byuntae. Wow. How does he succeed to not get wet even though it's raining like crazy here?

"Excuse me sir. Are you Kang Hyukmin?" the suit cled driver asked the Byuntae.

"Yes...?" the Byuntae asked. He was confused. "How did you know my name?"

The driver just stayed silent and showed Hyukmin a piece of paper.

Kang Minae - Moon Ella - Park Shinko

Kwon Rebekah - Kang Hyukmin - Cho Chanseung

Jun Xia Fei - Choi Seokyung - Jung Ahrin

Cleo Michaelis - Khione Jung - Kim Aaralyn


"Why do you even wanna know?" Hyukmin looked away from the paper.

"So I know if I get the right person." the driver shyly replied while licking his lip. "Anyways. I am Leon and I will be your caretaker today."

Hyukmin frowned a bit. Caretaker? Really? He just wanted to go to the school now so he could relax... maybe take a bath. "Caretaker? I don't need a caretaker."

Leon was a bit taken back by Hyukmin's attitude. "Please, mr. Kang. Just get in the bus and we'll wait for the others to arrive."

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