Happy Halloween!

Ahhh.. Headin' out with duh homies nao. Trick or treat. Or I prefer treat or treat. Just like Xander oppa said. Lol. His twitter is my drug. Yeah.
And I got a new twitter yesterday! ^^ xXTaeTaeXx is the name. LOL. I doubt anyone's gonna follow that.
Got tired of my other one. I followed so many bad guys (lol ex. Justin Bieber and people like that) and I didn't wanna waste time on 'unfollowing', so I just created a new one! ^^
Bye guys, see you soon ^o^

Lady HeeHee is a baws. And LOL at Kyu and Siwonnieeeee xD
Undrar varför jag skrev detta på engelska... But I feel more comfortable writing in english because i always write fanfics in english. Please forgive me. *bows 90 degrees*

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2011-10-31 @ 22:02:09

Kommentera här! <3

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